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Dual Citizenship or Relinquishment of Original Citizenship: An Important Factor to Consider When Applying For Naturalization

By the Staff of Immigration Law Associates

An important factor in deciding whether to apply for U.S. citizenship is whether your original home country requires that you relinquish citizenship with that country upon naturalization in the U.S.  Many countries do not officially recognize dual citizenship and require anyone naturalized in the U.S. to surrender their original citizenship documents with their home government authorities.  This could cause problems for some, as loss of citizenship may affect property rights (such as increased taxes on property left behind) or other benefits of being a citizen of the home country.

Even if they do not officially recognize dual citizenship, certain countries, however, will not force an applicant to relinquish their original citizenship once U.S. citizenship has been obtained.  This effectively results in dual citizenship (or dual nationality) even though both countries recognize the individual as only a citizen of their country.

View the dual citizenship chart that lists both the countries that generally allow and do not allow dual citizenship after U.S. naturalization.  Before applying, however, it would be a good idea to confirm this information with your consulate.  Only once you are comfortable with the possibility of losing your original citizenship should you go forward with your naturalization application.  We can help.  Please call our office to schedule a consultation.

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