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Silence from The Supreme Court, DACA Protections Still in Place

The most recent Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) ruling, a Ninth Circuit appeals decision allowing current recipients to renew their two-year grants of protection, will remain in place until at least next fall.  

The Supreme Court, the next step in that suit’s judicial process, would have to hear the case this term – which ends in June - to prevent renewals from continuing at least well into the fall. However, experts say the Court has usually announced which cases it is hearing by this point in its term, and the DACA case has not been among them.  While there still could be a surprise announcement, it would put the Court in an immense time crunch to schedule, brief, hear and rule on the case before June.

Although that’s good news of a sort, the suit still revolves just  around whether the Trump administration was arbitrary and capricious in its bid to prevent DACA renewals.  The program is closed to new applicants, and after the Supreme Court does rule, it may be closed, period. 

If you are a current DACA recipient wondering about your options, do not hesitate to reach out to our office to speak to an immigration attorney.

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