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New Cap-Subject H-1B Registration Procedure in 2020

USCIS has announced that the initial step for employers seeking cap-subject H-1B visas has changed.   In 2020, employers seeking approvals under the fiscal year 2021 cap, including those eligible for the advanced degree exemption, must first electronically register and pay an associated $10 registration fee.  Only those registrants identified through subsequent random selection will be eligible to file the full petition package. 

USCIS anticipates an electronic registration of March 1-March 20, 2020.  However, the agency may extend the planned registration period or open a new one to reach numerical allocations.  According to the government, step-by-step instructions for registering will be posted on the USCIS web site along with key dates and timelines as March 1 draws closer. 

The new procedure applies only to cap-subject positions.

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