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Trumpís Executive Order Is Effectively Nullified by Consular Closures

The recent Executive Order (described by the President as “suspending immigration”) is temporarily relevant only to some green card applicants outside the U.S.  The impact, for those included under the order, would be to delay processing of cases already submitted – but not yet approved - for at least a 60-day period. However, since services at U.S. embassies and consulates are already suspended due to the COVID-19 situation, the proclamation has no material effect.   Even supposing the President extends the order longer than 60 days, and consulates and embassies re-open,  many types of cases will not be affected, including temporary visa applications, National Interest Waiver cases, family-based cases where the beneficiary is the spouse or child of a US citizen, and many others.  Likewise, those with already approved immigrant visas are not included under the order. Neither are those with nonimmigrant visas.

 More importantly, no foreign national presently in the U.S. – with any type of immigrant or nonimmigrant case - is or will be affected by the order. USCIS is still accepting and processing both permanent residence and temporary status applications.

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