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P-1 Approved for Professional Boxer Without Complete Itinerary

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Our law firm was able to secure approval of a P-1 petition for a boxer wishing to train and develop his professional career in the United States, without having an itinerary for all 5 years of the validity of the petition. As part of the P-1 petition, the petitioner must submit an itinerary of events for the entire length of the requested period.  However, because boxing events are not planned out that far in advance, and some events are scheduled with only a few weeks notice, we were unable to provide a complete itinerary listing the beneficiary’s boxing matches over the requested 5 year period. Instead, we obtained a letter from an authority in the boxing industry explaining how fight scheduling works and that a 5 year itinerary would be impossible to provide. We submitted the letter as evidence and received a speedy approval for our boxer.

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