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RFE for I-751 Young Married Couple Approved

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Our clients filed a joint petition to remove the conditions on the permanent residence of the foreign national wife without the assistance of an attorney. They accurately completed the forms but submitted very little supportive evidence showing their continuous bona fide relationship. Our clients did not realize the significance of providing USCIS with as much evidence as possible up front. In addition, due to their young age, they did not have much evidence to provide (no joint bank accounts, no property together, etc.) They came to us concerned that they will be separated if they did not succeed in responding to the request for evidence issued by USCIS . We listened to our clients' story and we were able to come up with a long list of documents showing a bona fide relationship. We successfully argued that the continuous bona fide relationship of our clients should not be measured primarily on joint finances . Instead, USCIS should focus on the plethora of other evidence demonstrating their joint married life. The case was approved within three weeks of submitting the response and our client is a now a Permanent Legal Resident.


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