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Family-Sponsored Immigration Cap

It is important to note that that there is no limit to the number of immediate relative immigrant visas allocated in any fiscal year. However, no less than 226,000 immigrant visas shall be allocated to the four family-based preference categories in any fiscal year. Further, when the number of immediate relatives increases above the total number of family-sponsored visas minus the 226,000 floor for family-based preferences, the annual cap for total number of family-sponsored visas will be increased beyond that number to accommodate the additional demand.

Per-Country Cap: The per-country cap for family-sponsored and employment-sponsored immigrants is based on the percentages of the total available visas for that fiscal year. No country is favored over another.

Single Foreign State: 7 percent of the total (which will be equal to 25,620 per country visas)
"Dependant Areas": 2 percent of the total (which will be equal to 7,320 visas per dependent area)

Exact per-country number of visas cannot be determined before the actual fiscal year because the total visas available each fiscal year for family-sponsored immigration will vary, hinging on the number of immediate relatives of U.S. citizens admitted in the prior fiscal year.

No per-country limits to spouses and children of permanent residents.

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