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Illinois to issue driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants

A pilot program beginning in December will allow undocumented immigrants living in Illinois to obtain a “temporary visitors driver’s license,” (TVDL) which will differ in several important respects from the standard license. It will be valid for only three years instead of the standard four; it will not be valid I.D. for most purposes other than driving (e.g. boarding an airplane); and the reapplications process will be the same as that for new applicants. The TVDL will cost $30, and applicants will have to pass vision, written and driving tests. They also will be required to obtain auto insurance.

Applicants must make an appointment in advance and provide several pieces of identification, including documents that show they have lived in Illinois for at least one year. Four locations, two in Chicago, one in Bloomington and one in Springfield, will begin accepting applications in December. An additional 21 locations are expected to open in January.

A Q&A concerning the new program may be found on the web site of the Highway Safety Coalition

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