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USCIS releases FAQs regarding Advanced Parole

Published: Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Many individuals who are awaiting for their Adjustment of Status wonder whether they can travel outside the U.S. before their case is approved. Many of them even wonder if they can travel between the U.S territories or U.S. states outside the mainland U.S. Travel is an important part of everyone’s life regardless whether they travel domestically or internationally. Many people do not realize the consequences their travel decisions may have on their future in the U.S.

In the official USCIS blog “The Beacon” those issues are addressed in the simple Question and Answer format. Please follow the link below to read USCIS blog on this particular matter, and do not hesitate to contact us here at Immigration Law Associates, P.C. for more details. You can call us at 847-763-8500.



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