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Highly-skilled Worker Cases

Even in the current immigration climate, we have had good success with cases on behalf of highly-skilled workers. The rules for the National Interest Waiver category (NIW) became friendlier to a wider range of endeavors this year, and we have had several approvals in this category. In one case for a plant scientist, we initially filed under the old rules;

Language teacher approved for NIW

Our client was a language teacher in a small town. However, she had distinguished herself on a national level with several activities and had been selected for a national certificate of recognition. We received an RFE questioning the national scope of her activity. We brought out its significance by comparing her to most teachers, who do not have the

RFE for I-751 Young Married Couple Approved

Our clients filed a joint petition to remove the conditions on the permanent residence of the foreign national wife without the assistance of an attorney. They accurately completed the forms but submitted very little supportive evidence showing their continuous bona fide relationship. Our clients did not realize the significance of providing USCIS with as

I-751 Waiver approved for battered spouse

A client came to our office afraid that she would be removed from the United States. She and her husband had filed a joint petition to remove the conditions on her residence and due to insufficient documentation USCIS issued a request for more evidence, to which she never responded. At time the client contacted us for assistance, she was no longer living

F-1 Reinstatement

A person came to our office seeking help with her F-1 (student visa) reinstatement. She had been out of school for seven (7) months. Typically, the student should apply for reinstatement within five months of falling out of status. After that period of time, the likelihood of a reinstatement is very slim. Nevertheless, after carefully reviewing the client's

No Abandonment of Permanent Residence

Our client, a permanent resident, came to us because she was placed in removal proceedings for excessive travel outside the United States. After obtaining the client's complete immigration file, we found that despite the excessive travel outside the U.S., she never had the intention of abandoning her residence and had only traveled overseas in order to help

O-1 Season 2014

Each June we see quite a number of musicians who are coming to the end of their periods of Optional Practical Training (OPT), and want to change to a status that will allow them to work for multiple employers. This is usually O-1, but these visas are becoming more and more difficult to secure. The required paperwork has greatly increased, and the leeway the

Patience Pays Off

Our client, an X-ray crystallographer, came to us with a citation record that showed promise, but not yet impact in the field. We talked with his Principal Investigator, who explained our client was about to be promoted and had a few more publications in the pipeline. No immigration deadline was imminent, so we chose to wait for the picture to develop. And

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