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NIW Success Helps Indian National Achieve Career Goals

One of our previous clients, now an established science researcher, sent his former post-doctoral student to us for assistance. 

P-1 Approved for Professional Boxer Without Complete Itinerary

Our law firm was able to secure approval of a P-1 petition for a boxer wishing to train and develop his professional career in the United States, without having an itinerary for all 5 years of the validity of the petition.

Approval for Outstanding Researcher

In outstanding researcher cases where a petitioner is not a university, it is particularly important to document that the organization meets the requirements for a qualifying employer.

P-3 Approval for Cabaret Troupe

We recently secured P-3 visas for a nine-member cabaret troupe from Poland to perform in three culturally unique shows in the United States.

TN Approval for Assistant Trader from Canada

We recently secured TN approval under the “Mathematician” TN profession for an Assistant Trader from Canada with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.

Complex RFE Overcome in I-130 Case

We recently secured I-130 approval after being retained to respond to a complex Request for Evidence (RFE) only a few weeks before the RFE due date.

Quantitative Social Work Found to be in the National Interest

Social workers are often thought of as warm and caring, less often as expert data analysts.

Musicians Crossing Borders

Since the USCIS decided that O-1 musicians must work through an “agent for immigration purposes only,”

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