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Science O-1, NIW Double Approval

Our client was a biochemist in a cap-exempt H-1B position. He wanted to move to a for-profit employer who was willing to sponsor him for permanent residence.

NIW I -140 Approval for Structural Engineer

We upheld our excellent record of NIW approvals in a recent case on behalf of a structural engineer.

NIW Approval for Science Researcher

We had a client with experience researching West Nile Virus, who wished to gain permanent residence on that basis. However, he was only at the postdoctoral stage of his career and did not have an offer of a tenure-track or full-time research position.

H-1B Attained For A Construction Company Business Analyst

Immigration Law Associates, P.C. had a client who wanted to apply for an H-1B for a business analyst position at a small construction company. 

Difficult Immigrant Visa Petition (I-140) Approved

We recently filed an I-140 Petition for Alien Worker in which the USCIS, subsequent to filing, requested evidence of prerequisites for entrance to our client's degree program from over 20 years ago.

I-140 In O-1 Case Approved the Day After It Was Filed

A biotech startup wanted to file an O-1 petition for premium processing on behalf of a new Ph.D. graduate.

Our Expertise Gained Approval For O-1 Cancer Researcher

A science startup wanted to file a premium processing O-1 case, on behalf of a cancer researcher.

L-1A Visa Petition, Multinational Executive, Approved Quickly

We recently assisted two high level executives from a Canadian technology company obtain L-1A visas and extensions so they could enter the United States to open a new office and service their US clients.

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