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Immigration Law Associates welcomes post-docs and researchers from every field. We serve employers and foreign nationals in the science, health, engineering, arts and humanities fields through attorneys well versed in all aspects of immigration law, as well as through knowledgeable scientific immigration staff in-house. We have represented many PhDs in immigration matters, and have enjoyed a high rate of success.

Our firm can help you highlight your achievements to meet the criteria for the visa category you seek. We will not advise you or your employer to petition for a category without sufficient likelihood of success. We will proceed so as to maintain maximum career and travel flexibility for you and your family, while protecting you from falling out of status.

Led by attorney Elizabeth M. Walder, Immigration Law Associates has an outstanding track record in preparing both nonimmigrant and immigrant cases on behalf of PhDs. We believe that there is a strong immigration case to be made for every talent, and we look forward to building your case for you.

FREE evaluations of visa or immigrant options for U.S. based PhDs, submit your resume here.

You may also be interested in reviewing our recent client successes. To learn more regarding self-sponsoring for permanent residence, or nonimmigrant options, see the following pages:

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