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J-1 Visas for Exchange Scientists, Researchers, and Academic Professionals

J-1 Exchange visitor visa nonimmigrant immigration attorney lawyer Chicago J Visa Program interchange persons knowledge arts education science skills students teachers professors visitors Designated The J-1 Exchange Visitor Nonimmigrant Visa category is in and of itself one of the most diverse categories available to foreign nationals. However, depending on the specific category among the twelve eligible categories within the J-1 classification, some foreign nationals might encounter substantial time and effort in order to be granted favorable J-1 approval by the U.S. Department of State.

However, in the case for many foreign scientists and researchers, the J-1 is an ideal visa option, and, moreover, one that may not require too much time or energy to have adjudicated favorably.

Having developed its proficiency and skill by the J-1 category through assisting foreign scientists and researchers earn their J-1status as well as through assisting biotechnology and other scientific companies earn "J-1 Designation," the law firm of Immigration Law Associates, PC is well versed and experienced in preparing special J-1 Immigrant applications on behalf of scientists and researchers and their respective petitioners who are seeking research and/or training in the U.S.

J-1 research scholars mainly conduct research, observe, or consult in conjunction with research projects at research institutions, corporate research facilities, museums, libraries, post-secondary accredited educational institutions or other similar institutions. Research scholars may also teach or lecture unless specifically restricted to do so by the program sponsor. The Department of State (DOS) has not established minimum educational qualifications for J-1 research scholars. Generally, the DOS will consider a bachelors or masters degree combined with extensive experience to be sufficient.


The training program should not duplicate prior training that trainees may have received, and must not be meant to recruit and train foreign individuals for employment in the U.S. Please remember that J-1 exchange visitors must intend to return to their home country upon completing their exchange program participation.

It is important that an immigration attorney be consulted to verify whether or not the specific skill that the foreign national was engaged in will trigger the Two-year Home Country Requirement. Please feel free to contact our offices if you require immigration counsel regarding the J-1 visa.

Our firm is dedicated to addressing the specific immigration issues facing the biotechnology sector. If there is a subject that is not discussed or addressed on our site, please email us and let us know how we can answer key immigration questions facing the Life Sciences sector. By addressing the strategic considerations for both companies and researchers/scientists, we hope to serve as a valuable resource for the Illinois Life Sciences community.


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