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Avoiding Labor Certification

Green Card Options With No LCA


Scientists with advanced degrees and exceptional accomplishments may be eligible for one or more of the paths to permanent residence that do not require PERM labor certification.

EB-1A A self-petitioning option for those of extraordinary ability who are at the very top of their fields. In the absence of a Nobel prize or equivalent, the applicant must satisfy three of seven stringent criteria.
EB-1B An option for outstanding professors with a tenure-track opportunity or scientific researchers with a permanent research opportunity. A permanent job offer and three years of experience are required. The applicant must satisfy two of six qualification criteria.
EB-2 National Interest Waiver A self-petitioning option for those whose work has “substantial intrinsic merit” providing a benefit to the U.S. that is national in scope. For the EB-2A category, an applicant must have a Master’s degree or equivalent. For EB-2B, the applicant must meet three of six criteria demonstrate a degree of expertise significantly above that ordinarily encountered.
Schedule A Group II A path open to individuals with permanent job offers in specified “shortage fields”. An applicant must have permanent job offer and the ability to demonstrate widespread acclaim and international recognition.


To familiarize yourself with the documentary requirements for each of these categories, please view or download this Comparison of Eligibility Criteria.

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