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Immigrant cancer researchers save lives, but face immigration challenges
immigration attorney lawyer chicago research foundation institute china germany canada u.k. h-1b technician i.t. technology scientific visa employment According to a new report issued by the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP), 42% of the Cancer researchers at America’s top cancer centers are immigrants. Immigrants have thus played an important role in the significant improvement in cancer survival rates in recent years.

Will the BRAIN Act create or drain American jobs?
scientist stem graduate engineer PhD BRAIN Act green card permanent resident Congress is considering legislation to streamline the immigration process for highly skilled foreigners.  The latest bill is called the BRAIN Act, a proposal to modify the way Green Cards are distributed so as to grant more to those with advanced degrees in science and engineering from American universities.

The business of immigration: America’s push to stay ahead
investor startup capital scientist stem engineer PhD visa green card permanent resident The White House has announced a new initiative to reduce barriers and accelerate growth for America’s job-creating entrepreneurs. Called “Startup America”, the initiative aims at continuing to harvest entrepreneurial talent and ensure that the U.S. remains a leader in the global investment economy

Implications of rapid priority date advance in EB-2 for nationals of China & India
investor capital scientist stem engineer PhD visa green card permanent resident stem There has been very significant priority date movement in recent months for Chinese and Indian nationals in the EB-2 category. This preference class is available to aliens with advanced degrees or those whose work is in the national interest. The recent advances are a result of insufficient numbers of individuals from other countries applying for their Green Cards.

In cutting edge start-ups, immigrants dominate management ranks
investor capital scientist stem engineer PhD visa green card permanent resident stem According to a new study by the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP), immigrants have started nearly half of America’s 50 top venture capital-funded companies and are key members of management or product development teams in almost 75 percent of those companies.

Study finds immigration boosts jobs for Americans
scientist stem engineer PhD visa green card permanent resident stem A study released in December 2011 by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) quantifies the strong positive effect on jobs – and the U.S. economy as a whole – due to the innovative contributions of highly-educated immigrants.

The Atlantic: increasing immigration for highly-educated aliens is a "no-brainer"
An article in this month's issue of The Atlantic leads with a provocative statement and then a question: "Our policy toward the world's best and brightest is currently: 'Welcome! Enjoy this expensive education. Now go home!' Does that make any sense?"

House lawmakers drafting BRAIN Act to retain highly educated immigrants
scientist stem engineer PhD visa green card permanent residentMembers of the House Judiciary Committee members are finalizing a proposal – called the BRAIN act -- to help immigrants with advanced degrees in math and science from U.S. institutions to become permanent residents.

January 2012 Visa Bulletin: Good news for EB-2s
This month’s visa bulletin will give some cheer to Indian and Chinese nationals currently waiting in EB-2. Their priority dates moved a total of 292 days this month, and now rest at January 1, 2009.

House votes to end per-country caps on worker-based immigration visas
The House voted on Tuesday November 29 to end per-country caps on worker-based immigration visas, a move that should benefit skilled Indian and Chinese residents seeking to stay in the United States and the high-tech companies who hire them.

Foreign tech companies woo USA's best, brightest
While politicians and tech leaders decry a lack of engineering talent in the USA, and college graduates struggle to find work, a growing number of tech companies overseas are swooping in and recruiting some of America's best and brightest.

Canada opens immigration to some foreign Ph.D. students
Canada will start accepting some PhD students as skilled immigrant workers to boost the country's science, technology and math sectors, the government said on Wednesday November 2.


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