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I-9 Compliance

It is more important now than ever before to keep and properly maintain I-9 documentation for new employees of your organization. The Department of Homeland Security has recently increased enforcement activity against employers of all sizes. Whether yours is a large business or a small one, the possibility of being audited by the Department of Homeland Security is real and should be taken seriously. Penalties for failing to properly prepare and maintain the form can run into the thousands of dollars and may also lead to criminal prosecution in some instances.

Properly completing and maintaining the I-9 form may appear simple, but the rules governing this “simple” form are more complex than they seem. Immigration Law Associates PC offers I-9 training to employers in all business fields. We can also conduct an I-9 audit to make sure that the forms are properly completed and maintained. To schedule your I-9 training and/or audit, please call us at 847-763-8500