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The E-2 Treaty Investor Visa

E-2 nonimmigrant Treaty Investor Visa immigration attorney lawyer Chicago investment treaty employee employer executive manage supervise enterprise invest capital businessThe E-2 Treaty Trader visa category is one that allows certain foreign nationals whose home country maintains a commercial or navigation treaty or bilateral investment treaty with the United States to work temporarily in order to carry on substantial investments in the U.S.  In many cases, an E-2 visa can be granted to an individual who is an employee of a treaty investor if he/she holds the same nationality as the foreign investor/employer and seeks admission to the U.S. to engage in duties that require special qualifications (either executive, managerial, supervisory or "essential" skills) that are essential to the operation of the enterprise. A foreign national may also qualify for E-2 status if he or she intends to develop and direct the operations of an enterprise in which he or she has invested, or of an enterprise in which he or she is actively in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital.

E-2 visa holders are initially granted a period of admission for two (2) years with an unlimited number of two-year extensions of status.

Immigration Law Associates, PC is well versed and experienced in preparing E-2 visa applications on behalf of foreign corporations seeking to bring essential executives and personnel to the U.S. In addition, our firm also lends its knowledge to help foreign entrepreneurs comply with the immigration requirements necessary to establish a viable E-2 investment enterprise.

Elements of the E-2 Visa Category

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Strategic E-2 Visa Concepts
Strategic E-2 concepts are key ideas that can govern an employer or foreign national's use of the E-2 nonimmigrant visa category. These ideas are also important considerations that may guide how long an E-2 visa might be utilized and whether an employer and/or prospective foreign employee might consider Permanent Residence or perhaps another nonimmigrant visa category.

E-2 Treaty Investor: How Much to Invest?


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