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Israel Student Visa

Israel academic institutions offer variety of opportunities for students looking for a semester or one year program or wanting to spend a summer exploring and learning Hebrew. Programs include academic semester programs, summer or pre academic programs, Master's programs and programs in languages other than Hebrew.

For a U.S. citizen to be able to study in Israel, two requirements must be met: admission to recognized educational institution in Israel, and obtaining legal authorization from the Israeli government. Below is a short list of requirements for obtaining legal authorization for studying once admission is completed.

Immigration Law Associates, P.C. employs an Israeli attorney on staff and offers consultation on the admission process as well as on how to obtain legal authorization.

Requirements for Student Visa

Student Visa (type A/2) is granted to those who want to study in Israel in elementary and high schools, academic institutions, Yeshivot and youth institutions of the Jewish Agency. The A/2 visa may only be given at the applicant's home country and is valid for up to one year and may be extended to total of four years; the grantee of the student visa is permitted for multiple entrances and exits to and from Israel. Moreover, a minor will not be given a student visa without the written consent from his or her parents, or his legal guardian if applicable.

Student visa is granted to U.S. citizens if they are able to present the following documents:

It is important to note that recipients of this visa are not permitted to work in Israel.

Once proper documents are provided, processing time may be 2-4 weeks unless more documentation is required.  Therefore, it is important to have the application in order the first time to avoid complications.


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