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Israel Work Visa

Working in Israel requires obtaining an authorization from the government of Israel by 3 stages: approval to the employer from the Department for Foreign Workers in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor; obtaining work visa by the employee from Ministry of Interior which grants a one-time entry to Israel; extension of the work visa for longer period of time and multiple entries to Israel.

Below is a short list of requirements for obtaining legal authorization for working in Israel.

Immigration Law Associates, P.C. employs an Israeli attorney on staff and offers consultation on how to obtain work visa to Israel.

Requirements for Work Visa

Generally, only employers who hold valid employment permits from the Department for Foreign Workers in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, may employ foreign workers, and only foreign workers with valid work visa (type B/1) may be employed by these employers.

On the employer side, licensed employers of foreign workers must register the employment of the foreign worker with the Ministry of the Interior. Accordingly, the employee's passport will be stamped with a work visa carrying the employer's name.

On the employee side, work visa is for a person who seeks to stay in Israel for the purpose of work in the capacity of expert or artist, but also as a specialist in the trade of nursing care, agriculture, construction, hotel work and ethnic cookery. Note that work visa will be valid only for one specific trade, and that it is illegal to work in another trade.

Work visa may be obtained either at country of origin, or while in Israel with a tourist visa, and is valid for no more than one year and may be extended by the Ministry of Interior for a time period of no more than five years.

Processing fee must be paid upon submitting the application to the Ministry of the Interior. Before the application's approval, interviewing the applicant and obtaining the following documents from him or her is required:


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