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Visas To Israel

U.S. citizens who wish to travel to Israel MUST obtain proper legal authorization.  The most well-known form of authorization is through the process of Aliyah i.e., obtaining citizenship for proven Jewish applicants from the State of Israel.  However, other authorizations may apply when the purpose of travelling to Israel is other than relocation. 

Many U.S. citizens seek opportunities in travelling to Israel for the purpose of work, visit, acquire education or participate in a religious mission.  In some situations, visas for these purposes may be preferable to undergoing the process of Aliyah.  For example, when the applicant is interested in a temporary permit for defined purpose, or when the applicant faces hardship in proving he or she is Jewish as required under Israeli law.

Regardless of the purpose of travelling to Israel, either for relocation or temporarily, the State of Israel requires certain qualifications and imposes specific limitations on applicants.  Immigration Law Associates, P.C. employs an Israeli attorney on staff and assist in obtaining legal authorization for U.S. citizens who wish to travel to Israel.


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